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1 Magnetic Resonance in MedicineMedicine20181522-2594Wiley Custom Collection
2 Philosophical Perspectives: nous-supplementPhilosophy2018, 2017, 20161520-85830.37Wiley Custom Collection
3 Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and AdvancesChemistry,Crystallography2018, 2017, 20162053-2733Wiley Custom Collection
4 Acta Crystallographica Section B: Structural Science, Crystal Engineering and MaterialsChemistry,Crystallography2018, 2017, 20162052-5206Wiley Custom Collection
5 Acta Crystallographica Section C: Structural ChemistryMaterials Science2018, 2017, 20162053-22960.88Wiley Custom Collection
6 Acta Crystallographica Section D: Structural BiologyStructural Biology2018, 2017, 2016 2059-79830.87Wiley Custom Collection
7 Acta Crystallographica Section F:Structural Biology CommunicationsPhysics and Astronomy2018, 2017, 20162053-230X0.27Wiley Custom Collection
8 Acta PolymericaChemical Engineering1997-19991521-4044
9 Advanced MaterialsMechanics of Materials2018, 2017, 20161521-40956.50Wiley Custom Collection
10 Advanced Functional MaterialsBiomaterials2018, 2017, 20161616-30284.02Wiley Custom Collection
11 Advances in Polymer TechnologyChemical Engineering2018, 2017, 20160730-66791.03Wiley Core Collection
12 AICHE JournalChemical Engineering2018, 2017, 20160001-15413.03Wiley Core Collection
13 American AnthropologistAnthropology2018, 2017, 20161548-14330.20Wiley Custom Collection
14 American Journal of Medical Genetics AGenetics2018, 2017, 20161552-48330.61Wiley Custom Collection
15 American Journal of Medical Genetics Part B: Neuropsychiatric GeneticsMedicine 1996-20171552-485X0.91
16 American Journal of Medical Genetics Part C: Seminars in Medical GeneticsGenetics1996-20171552-48761.43
17 Angewandte Chemie - International EditionChemistry2018, 2017, 20161433-78513.42Wiley Core Collection
18 Annals of New York Academy of SciencesArts & Humanities2018, 2017, 20161749-66321.44Wiley Custom Collection
19 Anthropology TodayArts & Humanities2018, 2017, 20161467-83220.12Wiley Custom Collection
20 Aquaculture ReasearchAquatic Science2018, 2017, 2016 1365-21090.52Wiley Custom Collection
21 Architectural DesignArts & Humanities2018, 2017, 20161554-27690.13Wiley Custom Collection
22 Art HistoryArts & Humanities2018, 2017, 20161467-83650.06Wiley Custom Collection
23 Asian Journal of Organic ChemistryOrganic Chemistry2018, 2017, 20162193-58073.18Wiley Core Collection
24 Australian and New Zealand Journal of StatisticsMathematics2018, 2017, 20161467-842X0.21Wiley Custom Collection
25 Basin ResearchGeology2018, 2017, 20161365-21170.95Wiley Custom Collection
26 Batteries & SupercapsBattery Research20182566-6223Wiley Custom Collection
27 Bell Labs Technical JournalElectrical and Electronic Engineering1922-20141538-73052.16
28 BioelectromagneticsMedicine 2018, 2017, 20161521-186X0.59Wiley Custom Collection
29 BioethicsPhilosophy2018, 2017, 20161467-85190.41Wiley Custom Collection
30 BiometricsMathematics2018, 2017, 20161541-04200.46Wiley Custom Collection
31 BiopolymersMedicine 2018, 2017, 20161097-02820.59Wiley Custom Collection
32 BiospectroscopyBiochemistry1996-19991520-6343
33 Biotechnology and BioengineeringBioengineering2018, 2017, 20160006-35924.44Wiley Core Collection
34 Biotechnology ProgressBiochemistry1997-20091520-60330.68
35 BiotropicaAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161744-74290.63Wiley Custom Collection
36 BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and GynaecologyObstetrics and Gynecology2018, 2017, 20161471-05280.53Wiley Custom Collection
37 British Journal of Educational TechnologyEducation2018, 2017, 20160007-10132.77Wiley Core Collection
38 British Journal of Industrial RelationsBusiness, Management and Accounting2018, 2017, 20161467-85430.28Wiley Custom Collection
39 British Journal of Politics and International RelationsPolitical Science and International Relations1999-20151467-856X0.45
40 British Journal of SociologySociology and Political Science2018, 2017, 20161468-44460.56Wiley Custom Collection
41 Bulletin of Economic Research Economics and Econometrics2018, 2017, 20161467-85860.08Wiley Custom Collection
42 Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and TechnologyInformation Science 2018, 2017, 2016 2373-9223Wiley Custom Collection
43 Bulletin of the London Mathematical SocietyMathematics2018, 2017, 20161469-21200.76Wiley Core Collection
44 Canadian Journal of Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering1958-2015 1939-019X0.41
45 Canadian Journal of EconomicsEconomics and Econometrics2018, 2017, 20161540-5982Wiley Custom Collection
46 Canadian Journal of StatisticsStatistics2018, 2017, 20161708-945X0.61Wiley Core Collection
47 CancerOncology2018, 2017, 20161097-0142Wiley Custom Collection
48 Cellular MicrobiologyImmunology and Microbiology2018, 2017, 20161462-58224.57Wiley Custom Collection
49 Cereal ChemistryChemistry20181943-3638
50 ChemBioChemChemistry2000-20091439-76332.63
51 ChemCatChemChemistry2009-20101867-38994.33
52 Chemical Biology and Drug DesignBiochemistry2018, 2017, 20161747-02772.48Wiley Custom Collection
53 Chemical Engineering and TechnologyIndustrial and Manufacturing Engineering1987-20151521-41251.57
54 Chemie-Ingenieur-Technik (CIT)Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering2018, 2017, 20161522-26400.69Wiley Custom Collection
55 Chemistry : a European JournalChemistry2018, 2017, 20161521-37655.03Wiley Core Collection
56 Chemistry : an Asian JournalChemistry2018, 2017, 20161861-471X3.91Wiley Core Collection
57 ChemPhotoChemPhotochemistry2018, 2017, 20162367-0932Wiley Core Collection
58 ChemPlusChemChemistry2018, 2017, 20162192-65062.52Wiley Core Collection
59 ChiralityAnalytical Chemistry2018, 2017, 20161520-636X2.01Wiley Custom Collection
60 Clinical AnatomyAnatomy2018, 2017, 20161098-23531.67Wiley Custom Collection
61 Cognitive Science - A Multidisciplinary Journal Cognitive science2018, 2017, 20161551-6709Wiley Custom Collection
62 Color Research and ApplicationChemical Engineering2018, 2017, 20161520-63780.82Wiley Custom Collection
63 Coloration TechnologyMaterials Science2018, 2017, 20161478-44081.35Wiley Custom Collection
64 Communications on Pure and Applied MathematicsMathematics2018, 2017, 20161097-03123.92Wiley Custom Collection
65 Computer - aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Civil and Structural Engineering2018, 2017, 20161467-86674.84Wiley Custom Collection
66 Computer Applications in Engineering EducationEngineering2018, 2017, 20161099-05421.16Wiley Custom Collection
67 Concepts in Magnetic Resonance : Part ASpectroscopy2018, 2017, 20161552-50230.62Wiley Custom Collection
68 Concepts in Magnetic Resonance : Part BRadiology2018, 2017, 20161552-504X0.49Wiley Custom Collection
69 ConservationConservation Biology2000-20141936-6779
70 Conservation BiologyEnvironmental Science2018, 2017, 20161523-17394.26Wiley Custom Collection
71 Corporate Governance: An International ReviewBusiness, Management and Accounting2018, 2017, 20161467-86833.17Wiley Custom Collection
72 Critical QuarterlyLiterature and Literary Theory2018, 2017, 20160011-15620.08Wiley Core Collection
73 Decision SciencesBusiness, Management and Accounting2018, 2017, 20161540-59151.85Wiley Core Collection
74 Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative EducationDecision Sciences2018, 2017, 20161540-46090.90Wiley Core Collection
75 Developing World BioethicsNursing: Issues, Ethics and Legal Aspects2018, 2017, 20161471-88470.90Wiley Custom Collection
76 Development and ChangeSocial Sciences2018, 2017, 20161467-76602.08Wiley Custom Collection
77 Development Policy ReviewGeography, Planning and Developmen2018, 2017, 20161467-76791.15Wiley Custom Collection
78 Diversity and DistributionsAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161472-46424.63Wiley Custom Collection
79 Drug Testing and AnalysisPharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics2009-20101942-76112.79
80 Earth Surface Processes and LandformsGeography, Planning and Development2018, 2017, 20161096-98373.55Wiley Custom Collection
81 Earthquake Engineering and Structural DynamicsGeotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology2018, 2017, 20161096-98452.89Wiley Core Collection
82 EcohydrologyAgricultural and Biological Sciences2008-20101936-05922.33
83 Ecological EntomologyAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161365-23111.82Wiley Custom Collection
84 EconomicaEconomics, Econometrics and Finance2018, 2017, 20161468-03351.17Wiley Custom Collection
85 Electrical Engineering in JapanEnergy Engineering and Power Technology2018, 2017, 20161520-64160.31Wiley Custom Collection
86 ElectroanalysisAnalytical Chemistry2018, 2017, 20161521-41092.57Wiley Core Collection
87 ElectrophoresisBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology2018, 2017, 20161522-26832.63Wiley Custom Collection
88 Entrepreneurship: Theory and PracticeEconomics, Econometrics and Finance2002-20171540-65205.37Wiley Custom Collection
89 Environmental MicrobiologyAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161462-29204.95Wiley Custom Collection
90 Environmental Microbiology ReportsAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161758-22293.47Wiley Custom Collection
91 Environmental Progress and Sustainable EnergyEnvironmental Science2018, 2017, 20161944-74501.76Wiley Custom Collection
92 Environmental Quality ManagementWaste Management and Disposal2018, 2017, 20161520-64830.35Wiley Core Collection
93 European Journal of ImmunologyMedicine2018, 2017, 20161521-41413.61Wiley Custom Collection
94 European Journal of Inorganic ChemistryInorganic Chemistry2018, 2017, 20161099-06822.26Wiley Custom Collection
95 European Journal of Organic ChemistryOrganic Chemistry2018, 2017, 20161099-06902.73Wiley Custom Collection
96 European Journal of PhilosophyArts and Humanities2018, 2017, 20161468-03784.41Wiley Custom Collection
97 European Journal of Social PsychologySocial Psychology2018, 2017, 20161099-09922.18Wiley Custom Collection
98 European Journal of Soil ScienceAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161365-23893.43Wiley Custom Collection
99 EvolutionAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161558-56464.25Wiley Custom Collection
100 Experimental TechniquesMechanical Engineering1975-20151747-15670.89
101 Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & StructuresMechanical Engineering2018, 2017, 20161460-26952.17Wiley Custom Collection
102 Featured in Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth SurfaceGeophysics20170148-02273.39Wiley Core Collection
103 FEMS Microbiology EcologyEnvironmental Science1997-20141574-69413.84
104 Fems Microbiology LettersImmunology and Microbiology1997-20141574-69681.76
105 Financial ManagementEconomics, Econometrics and Finance2018, 2017, 20161755-053X1.38Wiley Custom Collection
106 Flavour and Fragrance JournalAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161099-10261.64Wiley Custom Collection
107 Functional EcologyAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161365-24355.45Wiley Custom Collection
108 Genes to CellsBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology2018, 2017, 20161365-24432.46Wiley Custom Collection
109 Geochemistry, Geophysics GeosystemsGeophysics2018, 2017, 20161525-20273.06Wiley Core Collection
110 GeofluidsEarth and Planetary Sciences2001-20161468-81232.23
111 Geographical AnalysisGeography, Planning and Development2018, 2017, 20161538-46322.06Wiley Custom Collection
112 Geological JournalEarth and Planetary Sciences2018, 2017, 20161099-10342.15Wiley Custom Collection
113 Geology TodayEarth and Planetary Sciences2018, 2017, 20161365-24510.55Wiley Custom Collection
114 Geophysical Journal InternationalEarth and Planetary Sciences1997-20121365-246X2.61
115 Geophysical ProspectingEarth and Planetary Sciences2018, 2017, 20161365-24781.84Wiley Custom Collection
116 Geophysical Research LettersEarth and Planetary Sciences2018, 2017, 20161944-80074.35Wiley Core Collection
117 Geophysical Research: Solid EarthGeophysics20172169-93563.18Wiley Core Collection
118 Global Biogeochemical CyclesAtmospheric Science2018, 2017, 20161944-92244.55Wiley Core Collection
119 Global Business and Organizational ExcellenceBusiness, Management and Accounting 1996-20091932-20620.22
120 Global Ecology and BiogeographyEnvironmental Science2018, 2017, 20161466-82386.39Wiley Custom Collection
121 Global Ecology and Biogeography LettersAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161466-8238Wiley Custom Collection Package
122 Global NetworksSocial Sciences2018, 2017, 20161471-03741.49Wiley Custom Collection
123 Ground WaterWater Science and Technology2018, 2017, 20161745-65841.56Wiley Core Collection
124 Ground Water Monitoring and RemediationWater Science and Technology2018, 2017, 20161745-65921.35Wiley Custom Collection
125 Health EconomicsHealth Policy2018, 2017, 20161099-10501.98Wiley Custom Collection
126 Helvetica Chimica ActaPhysical and Theoretical Chemistry2018, 2017, 20161522-26751.13Wiley Custom Collection
127 History and TheoryArts and Humanities2018, 2017, 20161468-23030.58Wiley Custom Collection
128 Human Factors and Ergonomics In ManufacturingIndustrial and Manufacturing Engineering2018, 2017, 20161520-65641.13Wiley Custom Collection
129 Human Resource ManagementBusiness, Management and Accounting2018, 2017, 20161099-050X2.69Wiley Custom Collection
130 Hydrological ProcessesWater Science and Technology2018, 2017, 20161099-10852.91Wiley Custom Collection
131 IDS BulletinGeography, Planning and Development1968-20151759-54360.69
132 IDS Research ReportsGeneral & Introductory Development Studies2009-20122040-0217
133 Immunological ReviewsImmunology and Allergy2018, 2017, 20161600-065X9.04Wiley Custom Collection
134 ImmunologyImmunology and Allergy2018, 2017, 20161365-25673.74Wiley Custom Collection
135 Indoor AirBuilding and Construction2018, 2017, 20161600-06683.55Wiley Custom Collection
136 Industrial RelationsBusiness, Management and Accounting2018, 2017, 20161468-23381.30Wiley Custom Collection
137 Insect Conservation and DiversityAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161752-45982.26Wiley Custom Collection
138 Insect Molecular BiologyMolecular Biology2018, 2017, 20161365-2583Wiley Core Collection
139 International AffairsPolitical Science and International Relations1998-20161468-23462.18
140 International Economic ReviewEconomics, Econometrics and Finance2018, 2017, 20161468-23541.83Wiley Custom Collection
141 International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in GeomechanicsComputational Mechanics2018, 2017, 20161096-98532.64Wiley Core Collection
142 International Journal for Numerical Methods in Biomedical EngineeringApplied Mathematics2018, 2017, 20162040-79472.26Wiley Core Collection
143 International Journal for Numerical Methods in EngineeringNumerical Analysis2018, 2017, 20161097-02072.63Wiley Custom Collection
144 International Journal for Numerical Methods in FluidsMechanical Engineering2018, 2017, 20161097-03632.26Wiley Core Collection
145 International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal ProcessingElectrical and Electronic Engineering2018, 2017, 20161099-11152.04Wiley Custom Collection
146 International Journal of Applied Ceramic TechnologyCeramics and Composites2018, 2017, 20161744-74021.08Wiley Core Collection
147 International Journal of Applied Glass ScienceMaterials Science2018, 2017, 20162041-12941.90Wiley Core Collection
148 International Journal of Art and Design EducationVisual Arts and Performing Arts2018, 2017, 20161476-80700.46Wiley Custom Collection
149 International Journal of Chemical KineticsInorganic Chemistry2018, 2017, 20161097-46011.47Wiley Custom Collection
150 International Journal of Circuit Theory and ApplicationsApplied Mathematics2018, 2017, 20161097-007X1.39Wiley Custom Collection
151 International Journal of ClimatologyEarth and Planetary Sciences2018, 2017, 20161097-00883.49Wiley Custom Collection
152 International Journal of Economic TheoryEconomics and Econometrics2018, 2017, 20161742-73630.20Wiley Core Collection
153 International Journal of Energy ResearchNuclear Energy and Engineering2018, 2017, 20161099-114X2.43Wiley Custom Collection
154 International Journal of Food Science and TechnologyIndustrial and Manufacturing Engineering2018, 2017, 20161365-26211.89Wiley Custom Collection
155 International Journal of Imaging systems and TechnologyElectrical and Electronic Engineering2018, 2017, 20161098-10981.05Wiley Custom Collection
156 International Journal of Network ManagementComputer Science Applications2018, 2017, 20161099-11901.00Wiley Custom Collection
157 International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices and FieldsElectrical and Electronic Engineering2018, 2017, 20161099-12040.60Wiley Custom Collection
158 International Journal of Quantum ChemistryAtomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics2018, 2017, 20161097-461X2.23Wiley Custom Collection
159 International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer Aided EngineeringElectrical and Electronic Engineering2018, 2017, 20161099-047X0.80Wiley Core Collection
160 International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear ControlMechanical Engineering2018, 2017, 20161099-12393.57Wiley Custom Collection
161 International Journal of Satellite Communications and NetworkingMedia Technology2018, 2017, 20161542-09811.22Wiley Core Collection
162 International Journal of Urban and Regional ResearchUrban Studies2018, 2017, 20161468-24272.69Wiley Core Collection
163 International Social Science JournalSocial Sciences2018, 2017, 20161468-2451Wiley Core Collection
164 International Statistical ReviewStatistics, Probability and Uncertainty2018, 2017, 20161751-58231.16Wiley Custom Collection
165 Irrigation and DrainageAgronomy and Crop Science2018, 2017, 20161531-03610.89Wiley Custom Collection
166 Journal of Aesthetics and Art CriticismVisual Arts and Performing Arts2018, 2017, 20161540-62450.30Wiley Custom Collection
167 Journal of American Ceramic SocietyMaterials Chemistry1918-20171551-29162.77Wiley Core Collection
168 Journal of American Water Resources AssociationWater Science and Technology1967-20171752-16881.83Wiley Core Collection
169 Journal of Animal EcologyAnimal Science and Zoology2018, 2017, 20161365-26564.65Wiley Custom Collection
170 Journal of Applied CrystallographyBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology2018, 2017, 20161600-57672.48Wiley Custom Collection
171 Journal of Applied EcologyEcology2018, 2017, 20161365-26645.50Wiley Custom Collection
172 Journal of Applied EconometricsSocial Sciences2018, 2017, 20161099-12552.60Wiley Custom Collection
173 Journal of Applied Mathematics and MechanicsMathematics1998-20171521-40010.68Wiley Custom Collection
174 Journal of Applied MicrobiologyApplied Microbiology and Biotechnology2018, 2017, 20161365-26722.40Wiley Core Collection
175 Journal of Applied Polymer ScienceMaterials Chemistry2018, 2017, 20161097-46281.72Wiley Core Collection
176 Journal of BiogeographyEnvironmental Science2018, 2017, 20161365-26994.35Wiley Custom Collection
177 Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - AMetals and Alloys2018, 2017, 20161552-49653.25Wiley Custom Collection
178 Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part B Applied BiomaterialsBiomedical Engineering2018, 2017, 20161552-49812.67Wiley Custom Collection
179 Journal of BiophotonicsEngineering2008-20101864-06483.70
180 Journal of Cellular BiochemistryBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology2018, 2017, 20161097-46443.07Wiley Custom Collection
181 Journal of Chemical Technology and BiotechnologyFuel Technology2018, 2017, 20161097-46602.93Wiley Custom Collection
182 Journal of Combinatorial DesignsDiscrete Mathematics and Combinatorics1996-20171520-66100.82Wiley Custom Collection
183 Journal of Computational ChemistryComputational Mathematics2018, 2017, 20161096-987X3.51Wiley Custom Collection
184 Journal of Computer Assisted LearningComputational Mechanics2018, 2017, 20161365-27293.16Wiley Core Collection
185 Journal of EcologyEcology2018, 2017, 20161365-27456.09Wiley Custom Collection
186 Journal of Economics and Management StrategyBusiness, Management and Accounting2018, 2017, 20161530-91341.46Wiley Custom Collection
187 Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution Animal Science and Zoology1996-20161552-50152.16
188 Journal of Field RoboticsControl and Systems Engineering2018, 2017, 20161556-49674.77Wiley Custom Collection
189 Journal of Financial ResearchEconomics2018, 2017, 20161475-68030.17Wiley Custom Collection
190 Journal of Food BiochemistryBiochemistry2018, 2017, 20161745-45141.09Wiley Core Collection
191 Journal of Food Process EngineeringChemical Engineering2018, 2017, 20161745-45301.15Wiley Core Collection
192 Journal of Food Processing and PreservationChemical Engineering2018, 2017, 20161745-45490.89Wiley Core Collection
193 Journal of Food ScienceFood Science2018, 2017, 20161750-38411.92Wiley Core Collection
194 Journal of Food Science EducationSocial Sciences2002-20171541-43290.33Wiley Custom Collection
195 Journal of ForecastingStatistics, Probability and Uncertainty2018, 2017, 20161099-131X0.99Wiley Custom Collection
196 Journal of Geophysical ResearchAgricultural and Biological Sciences1896-19772156-22023.39
197 Journal of Geophysical Research : AtmosphereGeophysics and Aquatic Science2018, 2017, 20162169-89963.39Wiley Core Collection
198 Journal of Geophysical Research : BiogeosciencesAquatic Science2005-20162169-89613.39
199 Journal of Geophysical Research : Earth Surface Geophysics2018 2169-9011Wiley
200 Journal of Geophysical Research : OceansAquatic Science2018, 2017, 20162169-92913.39Wiley Core Collection
201 Journal of Geophysical Research : Solid EarthAquatic Science2018, 2017, 20162169-93563.39Wiley Core Collection
202 Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth SurfaceGeophysics and Aquatic Science2003-20172169-90113.39Wiley Core Collection
203 Journal of Graph TheoryGeometry and Topology2018, 2017, 20161097-01180.71Wiley Custom Collection
204 Journal of Leadership StudiesSocial Sciences2007-20081935-262X0.32
205 Journal of Management StudiesBusiness, Management and Accounting2018, 2017, 20161467-64865.23Wiley Custom Collection
206 Journal of Mass SpectrometrySpectroscopy2018, 2017, 20161096-98882.41Wiley Custom Collection
207 Journal of Medical VirologyInfectious Diseases2018, 2017, 20161096-90711.95Wiley Custom Collection
208 Journal of Metamorphic GeologyGeology2018, 2017, 20161525-1314 3.62Wiley Core Collection
209 Journal of MicroscopyHistology2018, 2017, 20161365-28181.89Wiley Custom Collection
210 Journal of Money, Credit and BankingEconomics, Econometrics and Finance2018, 2017, 20161538-46161.77Wiley Custom Collection
211 Journal of Multi-criteria Decision AnalysisBusiness, Management and Accounting2018, 2017, 20161099-13601.33Wiley Custom Collection
212 Journal of NeurochemistryBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology2018, 2017, 20161471-41593.74Wiley Custom Collection
213 Journal of Occupational and Organizational PsychologyBusiness, Management and Accounting2018, 2017, 20162044-83253.08Wiley Core Collection
214 Journal of Organizational BehaviorSocial Sciences2018, 2017, 20161099-13794.02Wiley Custom Collection
215 Journal of PersonalitySocial Psychology2018, 2017, 20161467-64943.29Wiley Custom Collection
216 Journal of Physical Organic ChemistryPhysical and Theoretical Chemistry2018, 2017, 20161099-13951.29Wiley Custom Collection
217 Journal of PhysiologyBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology2018, 2017, 20161469-77933.51Wiley Custom Collection
218 Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer ChemistryPolymer Chemistry2018, 2017, 20161099-05182.83Wiley Core Collection
219 Journal of Polymer Science, Part B: Polymer PhysicsPolymer Physics2018, 2017, 20161099-04883.11Wiley Core Collection
220 Journal of Polymer Science, Part C: Polymer LettersPolymer Science1963-19901543-0472
221 Journal of Polymer Science: Macromolecular ReviewsPolymer Science1967-19811543-0480
222 Journal of Polymer Science: Polymer SymposiaPolymer Science1963-19861936-0959
223 Journal of Product Innovation Management Innovation Management 2018, 2017, 20161540-5885Wiley core collection
224 Journal of Raman SpectroscopyPhysics and Material Science2018, 2017, 20161097-45552.71Wiley Core Collection
225 Journal of Small Business ManagementBusiness, Management and Accounting2018, 2017, 20161540-627X3.41Wiley Custom Collection
226 Journal of Social PhilosophyPhilosophy2018, 2017, 20161467-98330.30Wiley Custom Collection
227 Journal of SociolinguisticsPhilosophy2018, 2017, 20161467-98411.49Wiley Custom Collection
228 Journal of Supply Chain ManegementEconomics, Econometrics and Finance2018, 2017, 20161745-493X7.62Wiley Custom Collection
229 Journal of Texture StudiesAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161745-46031.74Wiley Core Collection
230 Journal of the American Ceramic SocietyCeramics and Composites2018, 2017, 20161551-29162.787Wiley Core Collection
231 Journal of the American Water Resources AssociationWater Science and Technology2018, 2017, 20161093-474X1.72w
232 Journal of the Association for information science and TechnologyLibrary and Information Sciences2018, 2017, 20162330-16432.63Wiley Custom Collection
233 Journal of the London Mathematical SocietyMathematics2018, 2017, 20161469-77500.80Wiley Core Collection
234 Journal of the Royal Anthropological InstituteAnthropology2018, 2017, 20161467-96551.89Wiley Custom Collection
235 Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A Statistics, Probability and Uncertainty2018, 2017, 20161467-985X2.09Wiley Custom Collection
236 Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B Statistics, Probability and Uncertainty2018, 2017, 20161467-98684.83Wiley Custom Collection
237 Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series CStatistics, Probability and Uncertainty2018, 2017, 20161467-98761.75Wiley Custom Collection
238 Journal of The Science of Food and AgricultureAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161097-00102.47Wiley Custom Collection
239 Journal of Time Series AnalysisStatistics, Probability and Uncertainty2018, 2017, 20161467-98921.08Wiley Core Collection
240 Journal of ZoologyAgricultural and Biological Sciences2018, 2017, 20161469-79982.09Wiley Custom Collection
241 Language LearningArts and Humanities2018, 2017, 20161467-99222.98Wiley Core Collection
242 Letters in Applied MicrobiologyMicrobiology2018, 2017, 20161472-765XWiley Core Collection
243 Macromolecular BioscienceMaterials Chemistry2018, 2017, 20161616-51953.35Wiley Custom Collection
244 Macromolecular Chemistry and PhysicsMaterials Science2018, 2017, 20161521-39352.58Wiley Custom Collection
245 Macromolecular Matersials and EngineeringMaterials Science 2018, 2017, 20161439-20543.00Wiley Custom Collection
246 Macromolecular Rapid CommunicationsMaterials Science 2018, 2017, 20161521-39274.18Wiley Custom Collection
247 Macromolecular Theory and SimulationsMaterials Science 2018, 2017, 20161521-39191.64Wiley Custom Collection
248 Magmetic Resonance in ChemistryMaterials Science 1996-20171097-458X1.23Wiley Custom Collection
249 Magmetic Resonance in MedicineMedicine1999-20171522-25943.51Wiley Custom Collection
250 Magnetic Resonance in ChemistryChemistry 20181097-458XWiley Custom Collection
251 Mass Spectrometry ReviewsSpectroscopy2018, 2017, 20161098-27876.92Wiley Custom Collection
252 Mathematical FinanceSocial Sciences2018, 2017, 20161467-99652.14Wiley Custom Collection
253 Mechanics of Cohesive-Frictional MaterialsGeotechnical Engineering and Engineering Geology1996-20001099-1484
254 Medical Anthropology QuarterlyVisual Arts and Performing Arts2018, 2017, 20161548-13871.66Wiley Custom Collection
255 MetaphilosophyPhilosophy2018, 2017, 20161467-99730.41Wiley Custom Collection
256 Microwave and Optical Technology LettersElectrical and Electronic Engineering2018, 2017, 20161098-27600.87Wiley Core Collection
257 Midwest Studies in PhilosophyPhilosophy2018, 2017, 20161475-49750.31Wiley Custom Collection
258 Mind and LanguagePhilosophy2018, 2017, 20161468-00171.52Wiley Custom Collection
259 Modern Language JournalArts and Humanities2018, 2017, 20161540-47811.93Wiley Custom Collection
260 Molecular EcologyEcology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics2018, 2017, 20161365-294X5.90Wiley Custom Collection
261 Molecular Ecology ResourcesEcology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics2018, 2017, 20161755-09986.05Wiley Custom Collection
262 Molecular MicrobiologyImmunology and Microbiology2018, 2017, 20161365-29583.70Wiley Core Collection
263 Molecular Reproduction and DevelopmentBiochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology2018, 2017, 20161098-27951.97Wiley Custom Collection
264 Naval Research LogisticsOcean Engineering2018, 2017, 20161520-67501.05Wiley Core Collection
265 Negotiation JournalSocial Sciences2018, 2017, 20161571-99790.23Wiley Custom Collection
266 Networks: an International JournalComputer Networks and Communications2018, 2017, 20161097-00371.20Wiley Core Collection
267 NousPhilosophy2018, 2017, 20161468-00681.37Wiley Custom Collection
268 OikosAgricultural and Biological Sciences2000-20171600-07063.68Wiley Custom Collection
269 Optimal Control Applications and MethodsApplied Mathematics2018, 2017, 20161099-15141.48Wiley Custom Collection
270 Oxford Bulletin of Economics and StatisticsStatistics, Probability and Uncertainty2018, 2017, 20161468-00841.53Wiley Custom Collection
271 Pacific Philosophical QuarterlyPhilosophy2018, 2017, 20161468-01140.63Wiley Custom Collection
272 PalaeontologyEarth and Planetary Sciences2018, 2017, 20161475-49832.69Wiley Custom Collection
273 PaleoceanographyEarth and Planetary Sciences1986-20171944-91863.26Wiley Core Collection
274 Paleoceanography and PaleoclimatologyPaleoceanography20181944-9186
275 Particle and Particle Systems CharacterizationCondensed Matter Physics2018, 2017, 20161521-41174.00Wiley Custom Collection
276 Peptide SciencePeptide Science1996-20171097-0282Wiley Custom Collection
277 Personnel PsychologyApplied Psychology2018, 2017, 20161744-65704.81Wiley Custom Collection
278 Philosophical InvestigationsPhilosophy2018, 2017, 20161467-92050.17Wiley Custom Collection
279 Philosophical Issues: supplement to nousPhilosophy2018, 2017, 20161758-22370.62Wiley Custom Collection
280 Philosophy and Phenomenological ResearchPhilosophy2018, 2017, 20161933-15920.69Wiley Custom Collection
281 Philosophy and Public AffairsPolitical Science and International Relations2018, 2017, 20161088-49633.39Wiley Custom Collection
282 Photochemistry and PhotobiologyMedicine2018, 2017, 20161751-10971.91Wiley Custom Collection
283 physica status solidi - Rapid Research Letters Physics and Astronomy2007-20081862-62702.89
284 physica status solidi (a) applications and Electrical and Electronic Engineering2018, 2017, 20161862-63191.69Wiley Custom Collection
285 physica status solidi (b) basic solid stateElectronic, Optical and Magnetic Materials2018, 2017, 20161521-39511.53Wiley Custom Collection
286 physica status solidi (c) Current topics in Condensed Matter Physics2003-20171610-16420.82Wiley Custom Collection
287 Phytotheraphy ResearchPharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics2018, 2017, 20161099-15733.27Wiley Custom Collection
288 Political StudiesSocial Sciences1997-20151467-92481.66
289 Political Studies ReviewSocial Sciences2003-20151478-93020.58
290 PoliticsSocial Sciences1997-20151467-92561.25
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