About Non – Book And Reserved Materials

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Q: What types of documents are kept in the Non – Book section?

Non – Book section houses with standards, Institute theses, foreign theses, microform reprints and patents. Computer based standalone database on patents is also available in the section.

Q: Can I refer to the Dissertations or PhD theses?

An authorized user can refer to the dissertations and PhD theses within the Non – Book section only.

Q: Can the dissertations, theses, standards, and patents be issued?

Non – Book materials are generally not issued to any member. They are referred within the Non – Book section only.

Q: Where do I get question papers of previous year’s examinations?

Hard copies of old question papers of B. Tech/ B. Arch. / M. Sc. Mid- and end- term examinations of the Institute are available in the Non – Book section.

Q: Where can I deposit my thesis for using in the Central Library?

You can deposit your dissertation or thesis in the Non – Book section. For this you can contact with the Section in – charge.