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Q: How can I become a member of the Central Library?

A new user has to collect the membership form available at Circulation Counter and submit it along with two stamp size photographs, duly forwarded by HODs / Coordinator (incase of SC/ST students only). While collecting the library identity card, the respective user should produce his / her institute Identity Card. After collecting the Library Card one can borrow books from the Central Library.

Q: What is the procedure to be a member of the Central Library for the retired IIT employees?

A retired IIT Kharagpur employee can borrow one book on payment of Rs 2000/- and can borrow up to three books on payment of Rs 5000/-. These amounts are refundable. The member may avail of reading room facility only without paying any money on production of a document reflecting the identity.

Q: What is the procedure to be a member for the employees of other organization residing in the IIT campus?

Employees of the schools, banks, and other organizations in the IIT campus are entitled to be member of the Central Library on payment of an annual membership fee of Rs. 100/- for availing of reading room facility only.

Q: What is the procedure of membership for outside organizations/institutions?

Reputed outside organizations and academic institutions can become member of the Library. In the first year an academic institution has to pay an amount of Rs 10,000/- and other organization has to pay Rs25, 000/-. While renewing in subsequent years they have to pay an annual fee of Rs 5000/- and Rs 10,000/- respectively. Three selected employees of each organization are entitled to borrow a total of three books for fifteen days only. In-case of over dues they will be charged a fine of Re 1.00 per day per book.

Q: How do I renew a book and for how many times can I renew the same books?

For renewal, a user has to bring books to the Circulation Counter and can renew the borrowed books in his/her library account by showing the Library Membership Card. He/She can renew the books consecutively for maximum of two times only provided that the borrowed books should not be reserved by any other user(s). The library has the right to recall a book if the same is required by another user.

Q: How much fine I have to pay if I would not return book within the stipulated date?

A borrowed book should be returned within the due date; otherwise one rupee per day per book will be charged from the user as overdue charge.

Q: Where should I pay the library fine/dues?

The Library fine/dues must be paid at the State Bank of India located in the IIT campus as a chalan deposit and chalan slip must be deposited at the Circulation Counter for the clearance of fine/dues from the user’s account.

Q: What should I do if the book I borrowed got lost?

If a user loses a borrowed library book, then he/she has to make an application immediately to the in – charge of Circulation Section to get relief from paying the delay fine from the date of application and to take the following actions whichever is permissible as per library rules:
a) Replace the lost book by a new book as per the library regulation; or
b) Pay the current price of the lost book; or
c) Pay Rs. 300/- if the cost of the lost book is less than Rs. 300/-

Q: Is it possible that I can use the library card of my friend on his/her behalf?

No, borrowing of books through friend’s library card is not possible at any circumstances.

Q: Can I reserve books which are already Checked – Out to any member?

Yes, you can reserve the required documents in your library account which are already Checked - Out to any member. The reserved documents can only be issued to you as and when they returned to the library within the stipulated period failing which the reservation stands automatically cancelled when the time is over.

Q: Can I reserve multiple books in my name which are already Checked – Out from the library?

Yes, you can reserve multiple books in your library account which are already Checked – Out to any member from the library.

Q: If I reserved any Checked – Out books in my name, how long it will be reserved for me to issue that?

The books are reserved for fifteen days to issue in your library account failing which the reservation stands automatically cancelled.

Q: Is there any alert service provided by the Central Library from time to time about the status of membership reservation and borrowed books?

Yes, the E – Mail alert service is provided to the users for the overdue and reserved documents from time to time by the Central Library.

Q: Where can I get the document that I have reserved in my account?

Reserved documents are kept in the shelf earmarked for it near the Circulation Counter in Hall Number – 1 of the main building of the Central Library. You can get it issue in your library account if you have had reserved it from this place.

Q: How can I cancel a reserved document?

For cancellation of the reserved documents you need to get the help of the library staff at Circulation Counter.

Q: Is it possible to issue the books which are reserved in the database?

No, it’s not possible. The reserved books are only meant for reading in the library.

Q: Can I issue the same books soon after its returning?

No, you can’t issue the same books in your library account soon after its returning.

Q: Can I issue/reissue the books if I have fine due to the library?

Issue and Renewal transaction will be suspended if you have fine due to the library in your library account.

Q: Is there any grace period to be available to the member after due date for returning the books?

Yes, you can avail fifteen days grace period after due date for returning the books.

Q: Does the Central Library charged fine for any overdue documents?

Central Library doesn’t charge any fine for overdue documents within the grace period of fifteen days after due date.

Q: Can the reference book be issued to the member?

No, reference books are not issued to any member of the Central Library. They are only meant for reading in the library.

Q: What is the time period for Classical and Contemporary Literature (CCL) books, for returning to the library?

The Classical and Contemporary Literature (CCL) books are issued only for fifteen days to the user of the Central Library.

Q: Can I renew my library card?
Yes, you can renew your library card.

Q: What shall I do if I lost the library membership card?

Incase of loss of the library membership card, a duplicate library identity card may be issued on the basis of application to the librarian supported with an FIR lodged in local police station along with the receipt of Rs 25/- deposited at the State Bank of India (SBI), IIT Kharagpur in the Institute account.

Q: What shall I do if I need the clearance of dues from the library?

No dues / clearance certificate is issued provided that all the outstanding dues in respect of borrowed book(s) and delay fine, if any, are cleared. Library Identity Card must be submitted along with prescribed Institute No – Dues application form incase of students/research scholars. Staff members and Faculty members are also supposed to return Library Identity Card before issuance of No – dues Certificates.

Q: What is the mode of payment of fine/dues for the IIT employees?

The fine/dues for the overdue documents are deducted at source from the salary of the IIT employees. So they need not pay any dues by any other modes for the overdue documents in their library account.

Q: Can I issue the books which are kept for display in the Central Library?

Newly arrived books are kept for display for fifteen days. Within this period it can not be issued to any member of the Central Library. But you can read it in the library as an authorized user for the time being.

Q: Can I avail automatic issue/return of the books through RFID, so that I will be free from standing in a queue?

Automatic issue/return service through RFID system is not possible for the entire collection of the library for the time being because only five thousand selected titles are tagged with RFID system. Central Library planned to implement the RFID enabled system for its entire collection in near future to provide the automatic issue/return service to its user.

Q: Which disciplinary action can be taken against me if I fail to deposit the fine within the stipulated period?

All outstanding dues in form of delay fine or lost book must be cleared within the current academic year failing which your membership will be treated as delinquency.

Q: The catalogue card shows that the book I need is out; can I request it?

If a catalogue card shows that the book you need is out can be requested by reserving it on his/her member ID. You will get a notice through e-mail to collect it as soon as the book returned to the library.

Q: The catalogue card shows that the book I need is approved/ordered, what does it mean?

If the catalogue card shows that the book you need is approved / ordered, then it means that the said book is under approval for purchase or library has placed an order for it but yet not received by the library respectively. User has to wait till its receiving and other processing by the library.

Q: The catalogue card shows that the book I need is in process, can I request it for issue?

If the catalogue card shows that the book you need is in process, then it takes time for its availability to the user. So it is advisable to wait till the processing of the book is over.