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Q: What is the library opening timing?

The library is kept open on all the week days, except the Institute holidays from Monday to Sunday at 8 AM to 12 Midnight.

Q: What are the resources available in the Central Library?

The Central Library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the forms of CD-ROMs, On – Line databases, micro documents, video cassettes, books, journals, patents, standards, theses, proceedings, reports, maps atlases etc.

Q: How can I locate books on the shelf?

The library uses Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system to classify its documents and each book is given a unique accession number to identify it. Books are kept on the racks in the ascending order of the classification numbers assigned to them in various halls in the main building of the Central Library. You can locate the books by knowing their classification number and accession number both.

Q: How can an outsider use the IIT Central Library?

An outsider can avail the reading room facility in the Central Library, IIT Kharagpur by issuance of a Temporary Permit Card on the basis of his / her Identity Card or Authority letter duly forwarded by any of the faculty member of the IIT Kharagpur for a day or initially for one month respectively. In later case it may extend up to three months. But on the special recommendation of the Director, an outsider can become a member of the library and can borrow one book at a time.

Q: Who are authorized to use the IIT Central Library?

The individuals who obtained the Library Membership Card or Temporary Permit Card from the Central Library are authorized to use the library as per the rules and regulations of the Central Library.

Q: Can I bring my personal books and other reading materials to the library?

Yes; Laptop, two personal books and bound Xeroxed documents are allowed inside the library during library hours. Personal books must be registered and duly stamped at the check point while entering into the library.

Q: If I do not get the book on shelf, what can I do?

Incase, you don’t find the required book on shelf; you may check the status of the book in OPAC and get the help of the library staff to locate the book.

Q: Are visitors out of the state/country allowed to visit the Central Library?

A first time and an occasional visitor to the library should contact the check point and the Help Desk. He/She should produce a letter of introduction or any identity card for admission into the library. The visitor who intends to use the library for extended period beyond one day is given a temporary Library Card for reading room facility only.

Q: Whom to contact for queries regarding finding books and journals?

There is a help desk in the ground floor at the circulation counter in Hall No. 1 in the main building of the Central Library for queries regarding finding a book or a journal. OPAC gives you the accession number and call number of the book or the journal to locate in the library, and especially for the journal you can contact the in charge of the current periodical section for unbound and back volume section for bound volume of journals.

Q: How do I find a particular book or a journal in the Central Library?

Textbooks are kept in Hall No. 1. Reserved books and Textbooks exclusively earmarked for the SC/ST students are kept in the basement of the main building. General books are kept in various halls of the main buildings. Journals both unbound and bound are kept in the Annex building of the Central Library. You can find a particular book or a journal by knowing its Call Number and Accession Number through OPAC or Card Catalogue search. Incase of unbound journal, see the recent arrivals on the display notice board.

Q: How do I get an Inter Library Loan to get books from other libraries than IIT Central Library?

In-case, the documents required by an authorized user are not available in the Central Library, on request from the user the section obtains it on Inter - Library Loan basis from other reputed academic libraries around India, provided that the user have to pay the required charges for this service to the Central Library.

Q: How can I give any suggestion to library authority regarding provision of the quality service to the users?

An authorized user can drop his/her suggestions by writing on a plain paper in the suggestion box placed at the entrance of the Central Library. Library management attaches great significance to these suggestions for providing improved and qualitative library services.

Q: Can I take photograph inside the Central Library?

Photography inside the library is strictly prohibited.

Q: Which facility is provided to the physically handicapped students in the Central Library?

The Physically handicapped students are getting the facility in terms of borrowing of the books only. One can issue up to eight books for ninety days in his/her library account.

Q: Which type of services provided to the SC/ST students in the Central Library?

One TBL – SC/ST section is reserved exclusively for the SC/ST users. They can get the borrowing facility up to thirteen books for ninety days in his/her account.

Q: How OPAC search helps me to locate the documents?

OPAC is the On-line Public Access Catalogue and you can search the documents available in the library by putting any of the identity key words or numbers known for the documents in the search box in computer. It shows you the bibliographical details of the documents along with its Call Number and Accession Number to locate that in the library.