Welcome Digital Library Section

Annexe Building, Floor II

The Digital Library Section maintains a large Number of Digital collections like CD/DVD ROMS

Limited numbers of CDs are available at Digital Library, interested users are requested to contact with institute ID card to issue the CD (15 days only).

Contact: Mr. M.Manivannan
Assistant Librarian, Digital Library

1. CMIE Database (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy) - Online Access

2. JCPDF - Offline Database Service at Digital Library

3. Bloomberg - Offline Financial Database Service at Digital Library

4. All India Reporter - Offline Database Service at Digital Library

5. Mobility in Cities Database - Offline Database Service at Digital Library

6. Scifinder - Online Access

Scifinder (Web Version) Registration Tips
Download the files & follow the instruction given in .doc file
for Online Registration Steps are mentioned below.

* Click Here for Scifinder Registration Click

* Click Here for Registration Help Click

* Click Here for Scifinder Login

For enquiry about Digital Library Section
Mr. M. Manivannan, Assistant Librarian

Section Incharge, Digital Library Section
Phone: 03222 - 282468 (O), Email: vannan_mm@library.iitkgp.ernet.in