Central Library Membership

All the IIT employees, students and faculties are eligible for library membership. Central Library Registration Form is available at library.

A retired IIT Kharagpur employees can take membership and borrow single book by paying Rs. 2000/- and for 3 books by paying Rs. 5000/- for the stipulated period of One Month as per usual terms and conditions by the central library subject to the normal fine of 1 rupee per day in case of any delay. These amounts are refundable.

Employees of the schools, banks and other organizations in IIT Campus can take library membership by paying annual fees of Rs. 100/- in that case they are allowed only reading facilites in the library.

Outside Organizations and Academic Institutions can become members of the library. In first yaer of its membership, an academic institution has to pay an amount of Rs. 10,000/-wheras all other organizations have to pay Rs.25,000/-. While renewing in subsequent years they have to pay an annual fee of Rs.5000/- and Rs.10,000/- respectively. Three selected employees of each organization are entitled to borrow a total of three books. Books must be returned within fifteen days, otherwise a fine of Rs.1 per day delay is charged.

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